Achievement Unlocked: Two Enterprising Employees Level Up at Acoma Energy (March 3, 2018)

Two of Acoma Energy’s employees have received promotions in 2018 after several years of sustained great work.

Will Lawrence, who has worked as a Land Tech for Acoma since 2014, will now expand his role significantly as the Manager of Acquisitions and Divestitures. Will is one of our longest running employees, and he has gradually built up valuable experience that he can competently apply to a broader role within the company,.

Kelvin Caiati was hired on to the team in January of 2015 to help track and analyze Acoma’s expanding producing assets across the U.S. His consistent good judgment and business acumen have naturally grown his role from Financial Analyst to Director of Business Development and Finance.

We look forward to continued improvement as a company with these two capable individuals now occupying roles that can further amplify their talents and experience.

Acoma Energy

Acoma Energy